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Terms of use

Article 1 (General Regulations)

  1. The HancomGenieK Service Terms of use (hereinafter referred to as "Terms and conditions") regulates matters related to the use of the Korean conversation service (hereinafter referred to as "Service") provided by HancomGenieK. The scope of these terms and conditions includes not only the company's standardized contract and other terms of use, but also all member contracts regulated by the company.
  2. Information and guide pages on the website other than the terms and conditions page are also included in the scope of these Terms and conditions.
  3. The user can use the service after indicating their consent to the terms and conditions. In addition, if the company revises the terms and conditions, the company will notify the user by notice or e-mail 7 days prior to the date of applying of the revised terms and conditions, and if the contents of the terms and conditions are changed unfavorably to the user then notify the user 30 days before applying the revised terms and conditions. If users continue using the service without expressing their intention to terminate the contract within 7 days after the revision, the users are considered to have agreed to the newly revised terms and conditions.
  4. The company can store records, opinions, conversations, and inquiries and post information within the necessary service for rational service management. If it is considered necessary, the company may collect videos and images. The company will only use the minimal information for inevitable reasons only if these information are necessary for the proper operation of the service. Members are also considered to agree with this company’s policy.

Article 2 (Application of Terms and Conditions)

  1. These terms and conditions specify that the company may provide the company's transmission services to users through the company's application and e-mail.
  2. In case of a separate agreements ((hereinafter referred to as "separate agreements") other than the terms and conditions, the regulations specified in the separate consultation will have priority over the regulations specified between the existing company and its member.

Article 3 (Application for Service Registration)

  1. Users can register for the service through a separate method set by the company. In addition, when applying for service registration, the user must agree and comply with the following provisions:

    (1) Users must install programs recommended by the company.

    (2) Users must set up their telecommunication environment in a way that it does not interfere with the service utilization.

    (3) Minor users must obtain consent from their legal representatives, such as parents or guardians, before using the service.

    (4) Users must pay the usage fee through the payment method mentioned in Article 7 of the payment terms and conditions.

    (5) It includes the class teachers who are full-time and part-time employees of a company/ subcontractors of the company (hereinafter referred to as "instructors").

    (6) Users must indicate their registered name (unique names are used only by certain users) on the service's reservation page to receive the company's serivices.

    (7) The company may use email information to send notifications, advertisements, surveys, and other similar information regarding the service to users.

  2. Membership registration to use the service is considered to have been completed through the account authentication email sent by the company.

  3. If the user falls under any of the following subparagraphs, the company may reject or cancel the user's registration even if the member's registration is completed.

    (1) If the applicant is considered to not actually exist,

    (2) In case the account was suspended or member registration was withdrawn at the time of registering as a member, or in the past, when due to violation of the terms and conditions of use.

    (3) If the user's application information contains false, unclear, or incomplete information

    (4) If the user neglects to pay the service fee at the time of application or in the past

    (5) In case if the payment service company designated by the company refuses to conclude a contract with the applicant

    (6) If the same person creates multiple accounts,

    (7) In case it is considered inappropriate by the company

  4. When registration is completed, in accordance with Article 7, if the first payment for the usage fee is confirmed by the company, the user should be able to start using the service through the company's system on the same day (hereinafter referred to as "Usage starting date"). According to Article 8, free trial members are not applicable for registration.

Article 4 (Handling of registered information)

  1. Companies may use information collected from users for the purpose of providing services.

  2. In order to provide services to users, the companies may provide the following user registration information to third parties who have delegate some services.

    (1) Email address

    (2) Full name

    (3) Gender

  3. Except as specified in the previous section and in the following cases, the company will not disclose the user's registration information to a third party without a prior approval from the user.

    (1) When requested to disclose information by law,

    (2) In a case where it is difficult to obtain prior consent from the uswer in a case where refusal to disclose information is contrary to the public interest.

    (3) When cooperation with state agencies, local public organizations, or subcontractors is required to comply with the law, or when contacting members to seek consent from them interferes with compliance with the law.

    (4) When it is necessary to use the company's legitimate rights

  4. The handling of users' registration information that is not stipulated in these terms and conditions, is defined in the company's privacy information processing policy.

Article 5 (Change of registration information)

When a user changes his or her registration information, the changes are quickly reflected through a separate method set by the company. Also, the we are not responsible for any disadvantages or damages caused by the delay in changing registration information by the user.

Article 6 (Usage Fee and Payment Method)

  1. In exchange for using the company's services, the user must pay the service usage fee specified separately by the company. In addition, the user is responsible for excise taxes, other types of taxes and any additional taxes applicable to usage charges.
  2. Users must pay the service usage fee through WechatPay, AliPay, PayPal, or wire transfer.
  3. Refund regulations can be checked through FAQ. (Why HancomGenieK>FAQ>Payment Inquiry>Refund related items)

Article 7 (Classes)

  1. Basic class duration is 50 minutes. In addition, the class timings can be set separately by the agreement of company and the students.
  2. In case if the user does not access the class site through the class account after 25 minutes of class time (hereinafter referred to as "the instructor in charge"), the company may terminate the class considering that the user has missed the class.
  3. If a user repeatedly does not attend a scheduled class without a prior notice, the company may send a notification urging the member to participate in the class.
  4. The company does not provide compensation or make up lessons for missed classes regardless of the reasons of the members.

Article 8 (Reservation for classes)

  1. Class reservation is possible at least 3 hours prior to the class time.
  2. After completing the reservation, members can cancel the class reservation at least 6 hours before the class time through the process separately specified by the company on the website.
  3. If a member's reservation is reflected on the website, the reservation for the class is considered successful.
  4. If a regular class cannot be proceed due to the unavoidable reason of the corresponding instructor, the company may cancel the class reserved by the member. If a class is canceled for this reason, the member can take supplementary classes from the company in accordance with this provision.

Article 9 (Prohibited Action)

  1. Members are restricted from the actions specified below during class or when using other services.

    (1) Transferring the right to use the service to another person, transfer through the name change, etc.

    (2) Providing information such as transfer of rights, or sharing passwords with a third party or allowing a third party to use it.

    (3) In case member violate on the company, instructors or third parties honor, credit, copyright, patent right, utility model right, trademark, portrait right, or privacy

    (4) Illegal acts or acts contrary to public order and social morals

    (5) Actions that interferes with the performance of the service

    (6) Acts of using or planning to use the service for commercial purposes

    (7) Encouraging or inducing other users or instructors to engage in illegal activities

    (8) Acts that cause material/mental damage and inconvenience to other users or instructors

    (9) Criminal acts or other acts related to criminal activities

    (10) Act of harassing instructors, such as sexual harassment, or other inappropriate behavior that interferes with the progress of classe.

    (11) Attending class after drinking the alcohol

    (12) Conduct that may cause discomfort or embarrassment to instructors such as excessive exposure to underwear

    (13) Distributing lecture materials, images, videos, recordings, etc. without prior permission from the company

    (14) The act of requesting confidential information that the company does not disclose under general regulations; employment conditions for instructors, location of call center, information on Internet connection, etc.

    (15) Act of soliciting instructors for religious, political organizations, multi-levels, etc.

    (16) The act of trying to communicate personally with instructors; online/offline, direct/indirect methods including email.

    (17) Attracting the instructors of the company to other services or competitors, or encouraging them to change jobs

    (18) Violent language or behavior towards the company or instructors, or other acts to obstruct the operation of the service

    (19) Allowing unregistered persons to use their account;

    (20) Registering multiple accounts

    (21) Allowing unregistered users to participate in classes without company approval

    (22) All other acts that make it difficult to provide normal services in accordance with article (1)-(21)

  2. We may, at our discretion, determine whether a user has committed any prohibited acts specified in the above clauses. Further, it stipulates that the company is not obligated to explain the decisions made regarding this provision.

  3. The Company shall not be liable for any inconvenience or damage caused by a decision made pursuant to the above provisions, except in cases of extreme negligence of obligation.

  4. Users are legally liable for any damage caused to the company or a third party due to the violation of clause 1. This applies even if the user cancels the membership.

Article 10 (service obstruction, suspension, termination, cancellation of enrollment, etc.)

  1. Regardless of the circumstances in which the service is being provided, if the following provisions apply to the user, the company has the authority to obstruct, suspend, terminate, or cancellation of the user's subscription without prior notice if the following provisions apply to the user.

    (1) When it is considered that there is no room for improvement despite warnings and similar communications from users pursuant to Article 9 paragraph 3

    (2) When the user has shown the prohibited act specified in Article 11 paragraph 1

    (3) When the user violates the provisions of these Terms and conditions

    (4) When the user does not follow the instructions given by the company or the instructor while using this service

    (5) When the company considers that the user has used the service inappropriately for any other reasons

  2. If the user is suspended for the reasons specified in the above clause, we are not responsible for refunding to the user for the use of service.

  3. If the user is suspended for the reasons specified in Paragraph 1, we are not responsible for any damage or inconvenience caused by the suspension.

Article 11 (Cancellation of Membership)

  1. A user may request to cancel membership according to a separate procedure specified by the company. Under the premise that there are no problems with the cancellation process, the user loses the right to use the service at the end of the current month and simultaneously the membership is revoked. In addition, the cancellation process is completed at the same time as the company sends a cancellation confirmation email after verifying the user's cancellation request.
  2. Cancellation requests application must be received the day before the start of the service in the current month. If the request is not received within this period, the membership will be canceled from the month following the current month.
  3. Upon successful cancellation of the user's membership, the user loses all rights to the service and cannot file a claim against the company.
  4. In the event of damage to the company or a third party due to the use of service by user, the user is responsible for the damage despite the membership has been revoked.

Article 12 (Company’s notice)

  1. The company sends notices regarding the service to the email address registered when user joins as a member of HancomGenieK (hereinafter referred to as the “designated email address”). It also characterize that the notifications were delivered to the recipient as soon as the email was sent.
  2. We consider that users can always receive emails to the designated email address.
  3. When users change their e-mail address, they are obliged to register the changes as soon as possible. In addition, we are not responsible for any inconvenience or damage caused by the user's failure to notify the change of email address.

Article 13 (Suspension/Termination of Service)

  1. We (company), in our sole discretion can suspend or terminate the Service by giving advance notice to users on the website or at the designated email address for the reasons set out below. In unavoidable circumstances, the service may be suspended without prior notice.

    (1) When service provision becomes difficult due to system problems, internal and external political situations, natural disasters, maintenance problems in the operational server, or any other unavoidable reasons

    (2) During national holidays in Korea (New Year’s Day, Korean thanksgiving day, Christmas Day, etc.)

  2. When the number of classes available decreases due to the reasons specified in the above provisions, the company is obligated to notify users of the situation by website or e-mail. If users do not express their intention to terminate the contract within 7 days, they are considered to have agreed to this.

  3. We are not liable and responsible for any damage or inconvenience caused to users or third parties due to service interruption and termination.

Article 14 (User’s Responsibilities)

  1. Members are solely responsible for the use of the service and its results.
  2. In case if a member uses the service and causes damage to the company, its employees, instructors, other users, or third parties (including the company, company employees, instructors, other users, or third party has suffered damage from a member who has not fulfilled the obligations stipulated in the Terms and conditions), the member is responsible for compensation and responsibility.

Article 15 (Copyright and Ownership)

  1. Copyright and ownership (hereinafter referred to as "copyright") of all media related to images, photos, audio recordings, trademarks, logos, writings and services belong to the company. Members cannot violate the copyright of the company. Members cannot print, upload, upload to magazines or websites, or distribute them to third parties.
  2. If a member is considered to have violated the preceding provisions, the company may take necessary measures (sending a warnings, claiming compensation for damage, registration for injunction, etc.) through the Korean Copyright law, Trademark law, or other laws.

Article 16 (Giving up on rights)

The user agrees in advance that the company is not responsible for any damage or inconvenience caused by the circumstances specified below.

(1) When the user is unable to use the service satisfactorily for the following reasons:

  1. When a user fails to reserve a class at a the desired time
  2. When a user is unable to reserve a class with the desired instructor
  3. When a class is interrupted due to power outages, communication problems, and except this any other issues
  4. When a user has an illegal access or modification to messages or information or other illegal actions detected by a third party

(2) The educational effect, validity, accuracy, truthfulness and other matters of the classes provided by the service

(3) Effectiveness, validity, stability and accuracy of lecture materials introduced or recommended by the company regarding the service provided by the other companies

(4) When it is not possible for the user to use the service due to malfunctions, issues, or other problems regarding the service of Zoom or company’s subcontractors

(5) In case the user suffers damage due to a virus in the transmitted file under his/her own responsibility pursuant to ## Article 16, Paragraph 5 of these Terms conditions

(6) When the user is unable to use the service due to his/her negligence (forgotten or lost password, etc.)

(7) Completeness, accuracy, modernity, safety, etc. of links provided on our website

(8) Content and use of other sites posted on our website.

Article 17 (Non-Guaranteed Provisions)

Users agree in advance that the company does not guarantee any of the following provisions:

(1) Whether it is possible to reserve a classes at the user's desired time

(2) Whether it is possible to reserve a class for the user’s desired instructor

(3) The educational effect, validity, accuracy, integrity, etc. of the classes provided by this service

(4) The company’s ability to provide services without any issues under an environment suitable for service use.

(5) Safety of software, files, and other elements related to use of this service.

(6) Completeness, accuracy, modernity, stability, etc. of links and information posted on the company’s website.

(7) Accuracy and stability of content and use of content posted on our website or other sites that link to our website

Article 18 (Enterprise transfer)

When the company transfers services to a third party, it shall be considered that the company may transfer all rights and obligations to a third party, including membership registration information and other information, based on the terms and conditions. If personal information is transferred, the company notifies users of the transfer of personal information, the name, address, phone number and other contacts of the recipient, and if the user does not want to transfer personal information, the method and procedure for withdrawing consent are notified through the Internet homepage.

Article 19 (Indication of service date/time)

The date and time are indicated based on the “residential time zone” set by the user.

Article 20 (Government Law and Courts of Exclusive Jurisdiction)

  1. In principle, matters that are not specified in these Terms and conditions of use or have a difference in interpretation will be negotiated and adjusted in accordance with relevant law and general commercial practices.
  2. In the event of a dispute over these Terms and conditions, the jurisdiction of the lawsuit shall be the Seoul Central District Court.

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